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Kjølsø is an Agronomist and the main shareholder of the company Hitra Salmon Ltd. The company is located on hitra speed dating hectares seaside farm. In the early s he started hitra speed dating fish including smoked salmon, which is the early beginnings of the Hitra Salmon brand of superior seafood.

hitra speed dating

Kjølsø is regarded as a national expert on smoked fish. He enjoys work on the farm and as a fisherman. In his youth he was a marathon runner.

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Kjølsø is educated at the Skjetlein Agricultural College. Kumar is an Economist and Melhus møte single Psychologist, born in India and moved to Europe in the late s.

hitra speed dating

Kumar has a large network of international clients predominantly in the Asian markets. Tore Bisgaard Financial Director Mr. Bisgaard is an Economist with a comprehensive career in management, finance, accounting and IT. He has worked as a Financial Manager, and as a Commercial Consultant for a number of Norwegian companies in different industry sectors.

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He has a keen interest in classical music, opera and ballet, and is a sponsor of the Røros Classical Music Winter Festival. Ole Sundnes Development Director Dr. Sundnes is an Economist, with a career as an international government consultant, former Norwegian commercial diplomat and research director, with extensive work experience from both the private and public sectors in Norway and abroad.

hitra speed dating

His interests and activities include corporate and national economy, tourism and geoeconomics. Klaus Engler.

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